Sometimes Lily started out of the desire to share some of the food I make with friends and family. (Look! I eat! Vegan food is real food too!) It was a place to keep and share all of my own simple recipes and my favorites from around the web. Eventually I added other topics that I enjoy talking about. 

The site is a collection of images that inspire me, those that I have saved onto my laptop or taken a screenshot of from my iPhone. The things that make me happy in the most lighthearted ways. It is admittedly quite a motley assemblage; from fashion to skincare to interior decorating to the reasons why plant-based vegan diets are good for the body and the earth. All of these topics are reflections of my aesthetic and of things that I feel passionate about outside of my academics. Indeed, I suppose Sometimes Lily is just a little creative chunk of myself that gets to live in this corner of the internet.