Last time I wandered into this little corner of the internet summer was in full bloom - open shoes, sundresses, basket handbags, and sunscreen were in full use (and all I wanted to wear was white cotton and no shoes).

I absolutely relished this summer, and admit I extended my time offline much longer than I intended back in July. It was a hiatus for growth and adventure and learning. Now those summer trips to the beach and camping weekends will be slowly turning into strolls in the dark afternoon and plans involving hot drinks and thick jackets. With a sneaky last few trips to the beach in between...

It is now November 24th, but the weather is once again incredibly warm and it's tempting on weeks like this to return to a summer mindset (Is summer ever really over? Truly?). Nonetheless we've also had a sizable share of chilly days and drizzly mornings between July and now, landing me back on the writing train and working on a batch of posts that I want to share soon through this little platform, (as well as on the hunt for the perfect black turtleneck and a warm winter coat). Earth-toned plaids and all-black outfits are also visible on the horizon, and the itch for baking and roasting is creeping in.

I'm eager to write and to share the seasonal joy; some thoughts, some recipes, and as always, some sartorial inspiration. 

- a.