I happened upon a shop called Aritzia last week - newly opened in Los Angeles - while looking for a linen dress for the weekend that wasn't $200 but also wasn't thin af polyester and doomed to falling apart before the end of the season. I absolutely reveled in their selection and bought the Aveline dress in grey.

I don't like to buy pieces or outfits that will only work for certain occasions and so my favorites are all are definitely multi-purpose, all-through-the-summer dresses.

Aveline Dress
Créneau Dress
Adelia Dress
Christine Dress
Osoyoos Dress

Quite recently too I stumbled across Loléil (probably while Googling midi-length cotton dresses, although maybe through Instagram) and their price points are similar to Aritzia, spendy but do-able. Definitely a lot less than I expected for such cool pieces and definitely worth a little extra dough.

Charlotte Dress

It's so exciting to find labels that just make really cool stuff!

- a.