This isn't the first time I go completely (some might say unnecessarily, although I object) overboard searching for just the right dress and just the right shoes for a specific life event. There were of course, minor school dances and there was junior prom, and then there was the prom and then there was high school graduation and now UNIVERSITY COMMENCEMENT.

I've mentioned this before - hence, my coming upon the Sea Pre-Fall collection and going bananas. I haven't finalized the *lewk* yet but bear with me through this process.

Anyway, I came upon (by accident, after only a few hours of searching online for a specific pair I once saw in a photo - they're these, if you're curious) a wide array of wonderful heeled sandals to wear upon the ceremonial commencement stage, or for salsa dancing purposes, or for maybe cosplaying as Jeanne Damas because that's what I'll be doing all summer.

So many uses! They're practically utilitarian! Feast your eyes.

Left to right:

Zara Golden Sandals with Fruit Detail
ASOS Harlow Heeled Sandals 

Mango Metallic Ankle Cuff Sandals 

Zara Golden Strappy Sandals 
Topshop Belle Heeled Sandals 

- a.