Visualize: the are flowers blooming, freckles multiplying, bees buzzing, a book on the lawn or on the beach. It's a warm day. You feel the warm breeze and the sun on your skin...

Now visualize yourself doing and seeing all of those things (whether actually at the beach or in the city or going camping or at a park...) while wearing this:

Essentially all I want currently are sun dresses, puffy sleeves, subtle embroideries, and ribbon straps. Zara has a great lot right now (which isn't always the case). Their spring / summer collections tend to catch my eye a lot more than their F/W ones. Topshop has a couple of good things and Mango does as well. If you can afford it, Realisation Par and Rouje are great for summer dresses and blouses - my Instagram feed has been saturated with both and now all I want is to go outside and lounge in the sun.

Sans laptop.

- a.