You know when you have a hair appointment and you start to panic about how exactly to communicate your vision and how you're going to minimize the post-cut trauma? No?

Well good on you because this is what I have been feeling for exactly 897 days.

I heavily considered getting highlights or straight up all-over golden tresses but decided against such a time consuming commitment - roots are a big issue for people with fast growing hair like me. Anyway, that still left me with some questions as to how to fix my hair rut. Do I cut it back to the length it was in October? Do I add layers? Do I get bangs? I want to encourage my curls to curl! How do I do that?

Anyway, I just wanted to record in some way some of the options I had bookmarked and / or saved in various places throughout my camera roll, Instagram likes, or Pinterest beauty board. In the end I had my hair texturized (de-puffed, thinned out, lightened up) using the ever-useful-for-visual-reference Camille Rowe as so:

The rest of these are images I have for color, curl, or cut...

- a.