For a couple of weeks I felt at a loss for words for a gentle way to delve back into writing round-ups and mood boards. I didn't want to publish a new post without acknowledging the appalling current political situation - without acknowledging awareness of the fact that there is a lot of work to be done regardless of whether you like to "get political" or not. This is truly just a journal of sorts and journals contain all matter of life's minutiae so it felt silly not to write about something so glaringly present. This is in no manner a quick honorable mention or a side note to get out of the way - please stay informed, aware, and present. No matter how much time passes - don't stop resisting.

I am not exhaustively informed of all of the things we can do to help but some resources I can share are: link to donate to the ACLU, link to Planned Parenthood Action FundBuzzfeed's Tumblr (a pretty reliable news source that you can easily look at throughout the day) and lastly, a tip to keep a look out on Facebook for dates and locations of marches in your city.

Now, because life exists in dualities - a frivolous read:

I think the "trend" of belted and / or up laced flats has moved past seasonal craze and into the realm of closet staples - it has surpassed its status as a trend. Season after season since the iconic Miu Miu Ballerinas debuted in SS16 the fast-fashion sellers have continued to release some version of them. This season, I found a huge variety of them in quite a range of textures and colors. I refrained from purchasing a pair in the past because most were made of leather and they seemed too obvious a dup, but with so many good (non-leather!!) options out right now...

- a.

Note: Painting in intro graphic is Ballet Class by Edgar Degas.