Today (whenever that is for you) I'm doing a round-up of the food bloggers I have been loving for plant-based recipes (and inspiration for simpler versions of said plant-based recipes). I tend to go towards meals with fewer ingredients because I don't like to buy a million items for one recipe and because I don't like to use up a million pots, pan, plates, and utensils for one recipe. So I will tweak certain things to work more closely with my preferences.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites and a couple of their recipes that I have enjoyed or am very keen to try...

1. Deliciously Ella | If you've read any of my previous food posts you probably know I love Ella's blog and recipes, and have done for more than a year now. Although I follow a slightly different approach to my eating (namely a very limited use of oils) her approach to eating and health in general is so positive and doable that it's difficult not to feel inspired by her blog (I'm super excited for her latest book, her first one sits in one of my book stacks sporting a multitude of bookmarks and post it notes throughout). She recently published a "Loaded Mexican-style Potato Skins" recipe on her website that I'm very curious to try (and give my authentic Mexican verdict on, ha), and although I've made her original sweet potato brownies before, her new and improved version is definitely in my repertoire for baked goods to make once the weather cools down some more. Maybe for Thanksgiving? 

2. Loni Jane | I love Loni Jane's Instagram account for inspiration. She eats very similarly to the way I do, which is great because I can very easily incorporate her recipes into my everyday life. Most amazingly however, she's inspired this salad hater to eat a lot more greens and I feel all the better for it! I haven't been able to buy her e-books sadly (hard to justify the expense at the moment, and I always feel less inclined to purchase e-books than physical copies) but her Instagram itself contains a few recipes here and there. My two favorites are her classic and iconic rawnola and a super easy, creamy, dreamy pasta sauce made mainly of cauliflower which I had for dinner every day for about a week recently. Not kidding. At. All. Note: For the pasta sauce I sub the roasted garlic with garlic powder because I'm lazy for added simplicity. 

3. Minimalist Baker | I follow her (Dana Shultz / Minimalist Baker) on Instagram and like to peruse the website now and again when I'm in a food rut. Some of them are of the more complicated variety but if you've got some time on your hands I recommend giving it a peek. I'm currently tempted to try her "1-Pot Chickpea Shakshuka"'s a one pot stew. My kinda dish. Also, I made something super similar the other day with mushrooms, chickpeas, and carrots but the addition of a sweet component reminds me a baked beans Deliciously Ella recipe I love. And the olives are unexpected! Count me intrigued. 

4. Niomi Smart | I've been following Niomi on Youtube for a couple of years now and have loved the way she has grown in the food / plant-based recipe arena. She has a book out now! I'm very excited to buy it, although I'm not sure if she's releasing a US version or if I should order the original UK version on Amazon. (Those metric measurements tho). Anyway, I loved watching her "What I Eat in a Day" videos back in the day and love to watch them still. She's actually the reason I started making stews so much last year - her recipes are different (to me, since I'm not a Brit) and generally very straight forward which I really like. Currently intrigued by the series of recipes from her book that she shot for Youtube, this "Roasted Fennel, Lentil, & Fig Salad" especially.

5. Alexandra Tallulah / In My Bowl | More than following an specific recipe I follow Alexandra and peruse her website for inspiration, much in the same way I do with Minimalist Baker. Her photos are beautiful and get me pumped to eat delicious, nourishing things like quinoa, squash, hummus, and cannellini beans. Such is the case with her "Mediterranean Stuffed Sweet Potatos Boats" which I'd make with everything but the tabouleh to make it simpler. It'd definitely help me use up the leftover olives from the chickpea Shakshuka I mentioned...I'm also considering some sort of combination of Loni's cauliflower pasta sauce (mentioned & linked above) and Alexandra's "Baked Butternut Squash Mac 'N' "Cheese"" to bring for Thanksgiving dinner.

5. Rawvana & The Raw Boy | I clustered these two together simply because they're the raw accounts I follow. If I'm ever in the mood for a raw day or simply craving an easy, refreshing meal either of them is a sure bet for some kind of raw salad or dressing to inspire me. I always feel urged to whip out my spiralizer from retirement after seeing one of their videos, either on Youtube or Instagram.

I always get more excited to cook actual recipes once the weather cools down so I'm excited to try out some new things soon - especially with Thanksgiving around the corner. These accounts are all also a great example of the different ways that vegan or plant-based diets can play out and work for everybody's lifestyle. No one blogger or writer or Youtuber will have the exact same preferences as you, but inspiration abounds and the positivity is incredible.

- a.