I have been drawn recently to two sides of a color spectrum in decor - minimal color or all the color. In terms of decorative elements it is minimal, neatly placed decoration or very layered, eclectic decoration. One does not necessarily mean the end all be all or death of the other in the same space. I have recently been toying with some combinations - for today I'm including photos of some of the more subdued tones - here the draw for me would be the feeling of calm and collectedness imbued by the pale colors. Decoration is limited or very neatly arranged.

The interest comes from using various textures, metallics, woods, or plants to enhance the space without too many variations of color. I especially like this approach in spaces with cool architectural features that act as decorations in and of themselves and keep the room from feeling underdone or boring.

Next week I'll be talking about the more dramatic, colorful style that has paradoxically caught my eye just as much as this minimal style. The post after that will be some ways in which these two can be brought together in order to have the best of both vibes. 

- a.