I - as evidenced by the sad, sad gap since my last post - took a break from the blog over the summer months. I think I needed the break to collect some new ideas, create more stuff in my mind out of which I'd want to create content online. So I've garnered some new energy and inspiration - which is the only reason I write this blog really, in order to record in some way the things that occupy my mental space and make me happy.

I'll be writing a couple of posts on my study abroad trip to Paris back in July and then I'm getting right into the FOOD, the FASHION, the DECOR! Inspo posts galore is what it happening on this blog this season! My favorite kind of blog posts after all are those filled with images to stimulate my mind creatively - and that's just what I want to create in my little corner of the internet.

You know what else I love? Product reviews. I'm a sucker for opinions and stories and just plain ol' commentary. I'm not an expert by any means, but if it helps me to know if that cleanser made your face feel dry then maybe I can help by sharing the stuff that makes my skin feel bouncy and even and supple.

I'm looking forward to the fall quarter - to decorating this college apartment and writing, writing, writing. I really just want to CREATE ya know? And I hope this space can continue to be a good outlet to do that.

Happy Autumn!