Made of harsh plastic, and evocative of hospital waiting rooms, white, vertical window blinds are about as inspiring as rectangular fluorescent ceiling lights. I can see why they're practical - not really? - but I really don't understand putting them in homes. Maybe this is one of those "You'll understand one day!" moments, but for now I'll relish in the fact that I completely and utterly don't.

Anyway, beyond my lack of support for plastic window treatments, I love big rooms with dramatic curtains. Or small rooms made to looks bigger with high curtain rods and yards and yards of fabric. Below, a few images for inspiration, in case you're looking to add some high drama to your life.

While I won't deny the allure of breezy white curtains (more posts on that to come), they lend a completely different attraction to a room than thick, rich, dramatic window treatments. This last image, with the neutral tones is nice blend I think, sumptuous but simultaneously subtle. A much warmer fit for a home than foreboding, stark, plastic blinds.

- a.