When did espadrille wedges begin to look like something to wear to a spring formal? How did they become the "basic" choice and no longer the equally sensible and cool option for an evening of dancing (or awkwardly standing around)?

I never found a pair after high school that really felt like "me" again, and for many years post-graduation I actively avoided them. I had a recent change of heart with the espadrille variety however, and although I'm not entirely sure when or how the change happened, it might have something to do with Jeane Damas and the art of the vintage jean. To be sure, I began to see them from a fresh, new perspective. Without the cheesy maxi dresses and white skinny jeans, they actually look really good!

More specifically still, it was probably the shoes themselves that spoke to me - Spanish label Castañer espadrilles. Something so small as that tiny bit of woven jute right on the tip of the shoe appears to be the difference between "chic" and "your Tía on Easter Sunday". It took a specific espadrille wedge and the proper outfits for me to see the possibilities, possibilities which I really wanted to share!

And maybe I'm a sartorial maniac, but isn't it always about the details?

I decided to ease into the espadrille pool, not diving into the deep end with the perfect Castañer ones because this fickle little heart of mine is not apt for expensive impulsivity. I did however, buy a pair from H&M, and after breaking them in (I spent about a week and a half hauling ass in those little wedge heels) I had a little DIY fun with them and some laces. They look pretty sweet, especially paired with vintage Levis. I might just do some diving after all.

Below, three options for your online browsing pleasure. Summer uniform sorted! 



- a.