For a very, very, very long time I have wanted to visit Cuba - I've always felt a strong connection to it even though I've never been. I think it's because it's so similar to Veracruz, which is where I visit family every summer - think black beans and rice, fried plantains, humid weather, and hot coffee. I'm essentially counting down the days until tourists are allowed (I believe currently visas are given for educational or business trips), so I had to write about the Chanel Cruise show that went down last night in Paseo del Prado.

To be honest, I was a bit wary when I first heard it mentioned - I'm not sure why, I just was. Maybe I felt it was incongruous to parade designer wares in a country still suffering from so much oppression. There was a certain cringe, a slightly uncomfortable feeling. However, I watched the full show (find it here) and was absolutely blown away. The music was perfect, it felt local and genuine and happy - and of course, the pieces are stunning as well. Romantic, classic, fun, wearable, relaxed, full of movement, and incredibly evocative. The whole atmosphere made me nostalgic for summer vacations on the hot and humid Mexican coast. It felt like home, and I absolutely fell in love. Although I can't help but feel that slight cringe I initially felt, I couldn't help but enjoy the show and I think all in all, it was done tastefully.

I had a difficult time condensing the pictures to a few favorites, but there are indeed many more. The full Resort '17 collection is on, here.

Needless to say, I watched the whole thing multiple times. I felt something with every view, an acceleration of the heart, a smile on my face, goosebumps on my arms. Exactly what fashion should feel like, I think, and something Karl Lagerfeld certainly achieved. I'm delighted to finally experience that again, and I wish I could bottle up the feeling. I'm particularly keen on all of the flat shoes and the mix of island neutrals with the iconic Chanel tweed - I certainly might look into a pair of black & white brogues for the summer. Even if you're not into fashion, it's definitely worth a watch, the music alone is enough to make you want to dance!

- a.