There's a certain duality involved in my taste in decor, one that involves the juxtaposition of symmetry and livability. I like to joke that I'd be happy to bring out a measuring tape to make sure everything is tip top and in its place. However, there is also a certain allure to a less-than-perfect detail; a rumpled throw on a comfy chair, overflowing books haphazardly layered in a bookshelf, and framed artwork leaning (rather than hanging) on a wall. It's about balance, right? Anyway, here are a few examples of the "leaning art" dynamic in action!


Apartment Therapy

The Pink Pagoda

Architectural Digest

Hamish Bowles via Mark D. Sikes

It's easy to see that this strategy lends depth and character to a space. Although as I mentioned before, I love perfectly placed pieces and symmetrical design I also believe that a home should look generally livable and lived-in, (balance remember?). Anyway, by layering or leaning framed artwork in this way you can achieve a different vibe from that which is done by a carefully measured gallery wall, (a combination of the two is certainly something as well!). Just remember, artwork looks best when collected over time, i.e. don't buy it all at once or from the same source. Different styles, origins, ages, and shapes are ultimately the largest contributing factor to creating a personal and three dimensional space.

- a.