Bright colors can be intimidating I think, as they can be tricky to envision (for me at least) without some inspiration or theme in mind. I tend to visualize some color scheme or at least a "vibe" before deciding what lamp to buy for example, or what color towels to go for. Although naturally, a lot of this has to do with one's personality and favorite colors, it's nice to find an image or set of images that reflect just that.

Since, like I said, I tend to shy away from bright colors, I thought I'd share some examples of the ways in which I think they work well. It's important to choose colors wisely, as sometimes you run the risk of using too much or going with a less-than-great combination. Whether its dramatic walls or small pops of color, I think it's worth the extra time, research, and effort to achieve a really tasteful incorporation of fun hues. Obviously I'm not an expert though so here is some inspiration from proper sources! 



My Domaine


Happy Spring! 

- a.