I currently have about four stacks of books and magazines in the living room. Just stacked in places like on top of the DVD player (yes people still use those!), on a tall lidded basket thing, but mostly right on the floor. There is also a stack in my bedroom, right next to my desk. I've heard it's bad to keep heavy things on top of a printer but it's still in working order so I'm going to pretend that means everything is fine. It's not a bad look actually, the stacks are neat and they give a certain coziness to the space. But I digress. 

The fact is, I wanted to share a few of my favorite images of built-in bookshelves (which are all on my Pinterest for safe keeping). There's a certain sophistication about built-ins, isn't there? I hate to be clich√© but they lend a certain je ne sais quoi. They add so much to the skeleton of a room really, as a part of its innate character rather than its decor. They make you feel something. 

I mean, right now they make me feel like I should have a bookshelf for all of my books but that's not actually what I mean. Just look!  

Source: Blog

Source: Vogue

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Source: Domino

First of all, corner built-ins are insanely cool, and I love that it's filled to the brim with books. But then, built-ins in the perfect shade of blue to line your beautiful dining room? Unexpected and very attractive. My favorite. Those shelves in the hall though: genius. That hallway is not the least but boring or predictable. I have to admit that I find family photos lining a hallway isn't very exciting. Bookshelves though? Always. 

And finally, built-ins that aren't built-ins. For us non-homeowners. They certainly fake it quite well. I think they look great, especially because of their molding and the detail of the lamps. Consider me inspired. 

- a.