In my quest for a practical bag to carry in the spring and summer months, (I've quickly realized that any kind of smooth material can and will cause perspiration, no thanks!) I found a slew of great vintage wicker purses on Etsy. I haven't picked one because I was waiting for the weather to get warm and that's certainly happened (with a vengeance!). I'm decidedly...undecided I suppose, about what shape is most versatile, so it might take a million years some time to decide. Here are some of the looks I found for inspiration: 

Alexa Chung
Alexa Chung 
The website on the image isn't the source.
(So I don't know who this is!)
Ditto with this one (help!)

There are smaller more structured ones which I think are quite adorable but the tote-shaped ones seem so easy to carry! I think this variety of handbag might actually be big this summer, I've seen a few looks flying around the interwebs. I'm hoping I can find one soon because my giant black tote isn't fun at all when it's 85 degrees. 

Anyway, while I add more and more to my favorites on Etsy and search through more vintage shops, maybe I'll come across a great pair of jeans in the process and complete my transformation into a Jane Birkin copy-cat (minus the bangs anyway). 

- a.