I've recently been transitioning out of a big Olsen-twin phase in my outfits (due to weather more than anything else tbh). I go through phases quite often and this winter I bought a black coat from Zara's big sale that's been making me feel the Olsen vibe (i.e skinny pants or leggings, baggy sweaters, black mules, wavy hair). It was definitely a very comfortable winter.

Zara Coat

I pinned a couple of images for inspiration but it was really such a quick sort of phase that mostly I took screen shots or saved images onto my camera roll. Here are some of the ones I found on Pinterest, sorry I don't have sources for them but they all sort of led back to tumblr, ha! 

I don't know who this is! (Maybe Camille Rowe?)

I say I'm transitioning out of the phase because the warmth is making it's way back to us here on the West Coast and I've pulled out my dresses and shorts from hiding. It'll soon be too warm for coats or leggings or even pants. I found an old pair of casual white sneakers I wore all through last summer that I'd forgotten about. I've been repetitively wearing a really great white t-shirt I bought at Brandy Melville with jeans and either the white sneakers or an oldish and well-worn pair of black leather mules / loafers from Bass & Co. Which also looks great with the Zara coat on top! But alas. 

I've still gotten a few more uses out of the "Olsen coat" on chillier nights but I have a feeling it will soon find a more permanent spot in a corner of my closet and remain hidden from sight till next fall. For now, the weather today is warm and happy which makes me excited for the Spring quarter, espadrilles, and hot pants. 

- a.