I couldn't begin today's post without mentioning that the happiness from Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar win last night has carried on into my Monday morning. I don't generally hate Mondays to be honest, and I'm also a morning person in general, but today I woke up still thinking about Leo's speech. I didn't actually watch the entire ceremony, I just sort of googled the Leo situation when I got home Sunday night. His speech honestly gave me chills. I admire him endlessly for his stance on issues like climate change and the fact that he cares about the future of our planet and its indigenous people. I went to bed quite overjoyed! I woke up thinking about all of this and it made it difficult to write about clothing. Nonetheless, this is my happy corner of the internet so I shall guiltlessly move forth with today's fashion post:

It's so easy to get caught up in all the wonderful street style looks that come out of the various fashion weeks throughout the year. Whether you have a favorite location or a favorite time of the year, it's fun to look and admire. Ultimately however, I think that it is the looks that are most similar to our style or realistically attainable which serve most for inspiration. Those are the looks, whether during fashion week or not, that get saved onto camera rolls or pinned or liked. 

These are the ones that have been just that for me throughout the past few months:

I don't have sources for any of these sadly, as they are saved onto my camera roll without links. Some are on my Pinterest and hence might have some kinds of reference, but alas they mostly lead to other blogs and Tumblr accounts. Some of them are also obviously not from fashion week, in fact I think only one is. Most are candids, some might be very old, some are of mysterious origin, but they've served to sway me one way or another from their spot in my camera roll. 

- a.