This one is so easy it can't even be called a recipe really. It's a personal favorite I wanted to share, since I make it so often. Like most of the snacks I make, it's easy and quick. Even better, it's only 1 ingredient. (Thanks mom for letting me know popcorn could be made without oil!)


4 tbsp popcorn kernels

[ I measure the kernels according to the size of the pot, which should be fairly large. This amount for example turns into about 3 cups once popped. (I get my plain kernels from Trader Joe's as they're less than $2.00 there and about $5.00 at Target). ] 


1. Heat up you pot on high heat for about 1 minute. 

2. Reduce to low heat and pour in your kernels. 

3. Put the lid on!

4. After about 2 minutes you should start to hear the kernels beginning to dance around. Move the pot around to shake them up without taking off the lid. 

5. Wait for about 3 minutes and most of the kernels should be done! 

6. Toppings (salt, lemon, etc.) are optional, I personally think they taste great plain too. 


- a.