I recently took down all of my class syllabi from a large cork board I have sitting on my desk / inclined on the wall behind it. I put them in a folder so I could carry them around with me etc. The point is this left me with a mostly blank board to work with. Since I can't nail any proper frames on the walls and I'm not a fan of taping things to them I took the opportunity to create a sort of mood board filled with the colors and vibes I'm currently into. The two main images on it are these:

Elizabeth Mayville (sold on Etsy)

Prada Ad from Vogue Mexico (September 2015)

These are the push pins I use, just FYI. They're cute. I like them: 

From Target.

Some miscellaneous things I have on the board are a baby pink post-it with a reminder about something, a tiny branch of baby's breath nestled between a push pin and the Elizabeth Mayville print, a queen of hearts playing card that I was using as a book mark, and a sheet of this notepad with my weekly class schedule on it: 

From Rifle Paper Co. 

I've been wanting to buy a new notepad with some lighter colors (they have some really beautiful new arrivals) but I can't bring myself to do it with so many sheets still left to use on this one! Anyway, I'm really happy about the vibe I have going on the cork board. It's so easy to change up with prints and magazine cut outs and little bits and pieces you pick up throughout the week. I like it! 

- a.