I was finally able to purchase a desk last fall since our apartment came unfurnished. I bought a clean white surface (that ended up being a tad small but that's another story). While deciding what desk to buy and what things to put on it and what chair would go with it (that I could afford) I rummaged through the internet for inspiration, adding tons of photos to my Pinterest board in the process. Here are some of my favorites.

Today's theme: desk spaces.

Image found here.

I actually kept this photo saved on my phone's camera roll for a while. I stored my books this way on my desk for a long time and draped a throw on the chair too. It's changed since then but I do really like the mixture of styles (in the whole room in fact, the link takes you to a full look at everything) and will most likely reference when I'm able to buy furniture with more time. 

Image found here
I referenced this photo for the color scheme and the flowers mostly. The vintage vibes of course swept me away at first glance. 

Image found here.

This one is my favorite. Again I like the way the books are central but also the way the lamp is perched on a stack of magazines. Because of all the small components in the gallery wall and the diminutive flower vase, it doesn't overwhelm the desk. I bough a similar chair to the one pictured here, and went with a white desk to recreate the look as well. Eventually I would be able to add in some vintage touches and create the harmony this styling creates. 
Image found here.
This last one I liked because the desk is right next to the bed which isn't too common in professionally styled rooms, at least not ones I've come across. Also I think my mom had just purchased a vintage secretary type desk in dark brown wood at the time that I pinned this and I was contemplating bringing it with me to my apartment. It was ultimately too heavy to haul up here but it's still there in storage and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't planning on taking it at some point in the future. (For the future apartment I have all planned out in my mind). 

- a.