This is another "gee I was supposed to keep blogging but forgot to for weeks" post. Today I have actual content though! It's a picture-less post sadly but if a picture is worth a thousand words, maybe if I write enough I'll have enough value to equal a sketch? (too deep, sorry) Also, pictures aren't necessary today because I come to thee with a super easy recipe for vegan "pancakes". Honestly I'm sure there have been a thousand and one similar posts around the interwebs but I thought I'd mention the recipe anyway since this is what I'll probably have for breakfast tomorrow. 

I would write all about how I came upon this method but I for one am not big on recipe backstories. Unless I'm watching America's Test Kitchen in which case I am all about it. I'm not gonna make their perfect angel food cake anyway. So, the only ingredients you need are: oats, bananas, and water. I literally threw a fistful of oats, a banana and enough water to cover the oats into a NutriBullet, whizzed it up, and had pancake batter all done. It helps if you smear a little coconut oil onto your skillet but if yours is non-stick, I think it's fine without. Also, I found making several smaller ones easiest, the one banana method makes about 6. I cover mine in pure maple syrup and gobble them up faster than you can say, "Wow this blog post wasn't a complete waste of my time!" (I hope)

Later gator!
- a.