I thought I'd do a roundup of some things I've been liking so far this year. I swear it's not a January favorites.

1. Listening to:

I signed up for a free trial of audible because I wanted to download Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I was dubious about it because about a year ago I downloaded The Book Thief and just couldn't get through more than a few minutes without realizing I hadn't been following and had no idea what was happening in the plot at that moment. I basically couldn't keep up with all of the character names since I wasn't physically reading them. I have been eager to finally read the Harry Potter series however (yes I know I'm incredibly late) and the first one was a success. As soon as I finished it I downloaded the second one. Hopefully eventually I'll have time to actually read them, for now...it's going great!

I've also been listening to Oh Boy! which is a podcast created by Man Repeller. I've listened to and loved most of the episodes. My favorite so far has been the one with Alexa Chung but maybe I'm a little biased. They're all great really.

2. Watching:

I got sucked into "Adventure Time" a few weeks ago while browsing through Hulu for something to watch when the shows I usually watch were off season. Since then I've been watching it every time I sit down to eat and sometimes on my phone before bed. I really don't know how this happened but it did and I have no shame.

I also finished watching "Master of None" on Netflix. It's created by and starring Aziz Ansari (whose facial expressions honestly make me crack up). It takes a couple of episodes to get into it since it is a different kind of character from what he plays on "Parks and Recreation" but it gets better after the third one.

3. Eating:

I've basically been living on quinoa crust pizza, oatmeal, and bowlfuls of steamed potatoes recently. I discovered that my favorite chewy chocolate crumble tastes great on oatmeal! I also developed a great morning routine that gives me time to calmly sit down and eat a bowl of oatmeal with a cup of green tea. I can't deal with being in a hurry in the morning, as I thoroughly enjoy the process of waking up and starting the day. I've got it down to a science and I couldn't be happier.

- a.