This week kicked. my. butt. Not in any fun way either. It was Halloween obviously (swept right past me without so much as a howdy) but it was also midterm season which means all kinds of messed up sh*t. My mind was a jumble of facts about Cebus capucinus, fieldwork methodology, and heterogeneity in 19th century Argentine literature. Exams are done though and I'm enjoying a (very) temporary lull.
            Anyway, I wanted to talk about a show I've been watching on Netflix called "The Time In Between". It's incredible. I watch it when I'm not in the mood to shut my brain off completely by watching "Bob's Burgers", ya know what I mean? The show is in Spanish, (the original title is "El tiempo entre costuras") and it takes place in the late 1930's, partly in Spain and partly in Morocco. I'm on episode 7 and I've been in a windstorm of WWII era fashions and beautiful Moroccan architecture. Not to mention the actual story line. I'm on cloud nine with this show basically, and I'm not excited for it to be over.

"The Time In Between"
            I generally watch it in the evenings with a nice cup of green tea (health goddess amiright?) when I have the time. I'm happy to get back to it now that the week from hell is over. I swear every time I complain to myself about those exams it makes me feel like I'm exaggerating. Now that it's over it doesn't seem like it was all that bad. I mean, they're not quite a jumble of facts. I think I might be wearing rose-colored glasses with all this appreciation. I kinda like it.