Student apartments tend to make me very sad. Sharing space and buying stark, cheap furniture means it can feel impersonal and not very motivating. At my place this was definitely the case. Thankfully we (roomies!) found some great options for basic furniture needs (everything here is basically Ikea) though I still feel a constant need to re-arrange things. Obviously, since this apartment is temporary I can't go about filling it all up with furniture and decor that'll have to be taken down and stored somewhere in a few months. Not to mention the fact that we can't decorate the walls. In the past I've had furnished university places and hence things were a bit simpler. A vase with flowers, a warm throw, and some cushions and it was good to go.

This time around the living room is still feeling bare a month in. Today though, I made a small change which for some odd reason made everything feel a little less impersonal. I bought a plug-in scent diffuser. I'm not the only one that acknowledges the power of smell in the feeling of a room, but I'm definitely someone who's whole mood can change by the smell of the surroundings. I mean, I've been known to walk into an Anthropologie just to feel the warm vibe with all the candles. I'm not kidding. (Basic?). Anyway, I'm so happy I finally got around to it, although sometimes I question if it's somehow toxic to be constantly breathing in this stuff. (???) They're definitely my guilty pleasure. 
Maybe soon I'll remember to buy some flowers for the mantle. Or! I could look into a neutral colored rug I can reuse next year. Or! I could stick to finding some essentials, like a bedside table. Or a vacuum. 

Eh, time will tell I suppose.

- a.